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Tell me about it. Bluetooth was supposed to be the communication protocol that solved all of our communication problems. After two years of intermittent experimentation (and hours wasted with tech support via email and phone) I was unable to get either the built-in bluetooth (Dell Inspiron) or two external Bluetooth USB devices to connect to my hearing aids.

But that's me, not you. Please provide more information. What is your computer make/model? What OS and version are you running? Is the Bluetooth built-in or external? What is the make/model of the Bluetooth device? What errors or symptoms are you seeing when you try to install?

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If he meant a Mac PC (Apple), then the BT driver should be part of the basic OS and you should only need to pair the external device with the system. Most devices have a setting (such as holding down the power-on button until the light alternates between red and blue) that will signal it wants to be paired, at which point the system BT software should recognize it, and if needed, ask for the 4 digit pin code for the device that you want to connect. Many devices use a default of 0000 for the pin and will connect automatically, but this is not always the case.

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I haven't seen a driver update utility that was worth installing. Most come with so much crap (or are nothing but crap) that they cause more problems than they (supposedly) fix. If your computer is running fine then leave the drivers alone unless an update

  1. fixes a bug that you have observed
  2. adds a feature that you need/want
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Very much agreed!
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