Hello, I am not a programmer nor I know about programming, so far. I have the following directory tree:

work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/January/PO_0001/
work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/February/PO_0002/
work/documents/Client_01/year 2018/December/PO_0092/
work/documents/Client_02/year 2019/January/PO_0001/
work/documents/Client_02/year 2019/February/PO_0002/
work/documents/Client_01/year 2019/November/PO_0012/
work/documents/Client_01/year 2019/November/PO_0032/
work/documents/Client_99/year 2020/January/PO_0001/
work/documents/Client_99/year 2020/February/PO_0002/
work/documents/Client_99/year 2020/March/PO_0005/
work/documents/Client_99/year 2020/April/PO_0031/

Im interested in the named as months. I want to compress all the content inside the folders that are named January, February, March, etc from of all my client's folders in Windows 10 with Winrar or 7zip. Can you help me?

For this with these few files I would not write a script. I'd open Windows File Explorer then select the files I need then send them to the zip file.

But hey, you may want a script. For that we read https://support.winzip.com/hc/en-us/articles/115011641387-Create-individual-Zip-files-with-a-command-line

Skip down to the section titled "Individual Zip files of folders."

Now alter the 3rd line (it's the one with DIR) to pick out those files. Given that the DIR command has been around for 30+ years I take it you know how to use DIR.

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