i have this mp3 player that when i upload music it works fine. I am able to see all the songs on my computer. When i check my MP3 it says NO MUSIC. I just uploading 80 songs and it says NO MUSIC constantly. My mp3 is connected by a USB. I brought it on ebay. This MP3 is a 512mb. It use to work fine. I had this problem before when i uploaded songs on a labtop. But then it took me like 1 hr until it could play music agian. When it worked. It cleared all my songs. I tried clearing all my songs and putting one song in it, but it still wont work. Whats wrong w/ my mp3

it depends on your player manufacturer, but anyway there must be a function(may be a button) to reset all settings, try to find it, or read user's guide.

The other thing to note here is Copyright. Some song download sites do not allow you to play songs you downloaded onto an MP3 player unless the MP3 player has Rights management built into it. (Basically, its a pice of code wich tells the player its ok to play copyrighted songs. This is not usually an issue with ripping songs from a CD though.