Ok I am trying to help out my sister in law, she has a fairly up to scratch PC, however recently she has noticed that her Add remove Program option in the Control Panel doesnt work.

Now I have tried going in via safe mode, but alas, no luck, infact it isnt even there?

Anyone know what went wrong?


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When you say it doesn't work, does an error appear, does it show up blank, or does it not open at all? Are you also saying that the Add/Remove programs icon doesn't even show up in safe mode? (that would be bizarre).

My Dial-a-fix program can fix a lot of the scripting-related errors with most Control Panel applets. Give it a shot, it's non-destructive:
I'd suggest downloading the Light version and checkmarking everything in box #5 and then hit GO.

Well Actually in normal mode you see the Icon, but trying to open it it doesnt work, but in Safe mode there's not even an Icon!!!:-|

Actually I managed to get fixed thanks to a few folks on this dedicated site... Thanks for your help!!

It was probably a registry error, if you've figured it out, yipee :P

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