Ok I am trying to help out my sister in law, she has a fairly up to scratch PC, however recently she has noticed that her Add remove Program option in the Control Panel doesnt work.

Now I have tried going in via safe mode, but alas, no luck, infact it isnt even there?

Anyone know what went wrong?


When you say it doesn't work, does an error appear, does it show up blank, or does it not open at all? Are you also saying that the Add/Remove programs icon doesn't even show up in safe mode? (that would be bizarre).

My Dial-a-fix program can fix a lot of the scripting-related errors with most Control Panel applets. Give it a shot, it's non-destructive:
I'd suggest downloading the Light version and checkmarking everything in box #5 and then hit GO.

Well Actually in normal mode you see the Icon, but trying to open it it doesnt work, but in Safe mode there's not even an Icon!!!:-|

Actually I managed to get fixed thanks to a few folks on this dedicated site... Thanks for your help!!

It was probably a registry error, if you've figured it out, yipee :P