please help,

lately my computer has been restarting for no reason, it doesnt matter wether im playing a game or just on the net - i would just be doing anything and it would restart without notice! im guessing it mite be harware related because it never used to do that when i first bought the computer. help would be appreciated


computer specs

3.0Ghz pentium 4 (800Mhz FSB)
asus P4C800 motherboard [350watt psu]
1Gig of ram
winfast fx5600 (256mb version)

You got all your Windows updates installed? You got up to date Antivirus protection installed and background scanning? If you're connected via Broadband, have you got a firewall in place?

Reason I ask is because it sounds very much like you've been hit by 'Blaster'. Yep! That thing is still doing the rounds and hurting people. I've even heard of quite a few people recently who done a fresh install of Windows on their system, only to be hit by 'Blaster' even before they could connect to 'Windows Update' and download the security updates.

Check this out and see if it applies to you.

You should find identifying and removal information in that article.

If that's not the case, the most likely next reason is a hardware problem, and you should check your system for overheating problems.

By the way, for people who have an early release copy of Windows XP, which doesn't install Service Pack 1, locate the 'Security Update CD' information on Microsoft's Website for your location. Microsoft will send this CD to you, free of charge, and it includes all security updates, for every Windows version, issued before November 2003.

Install Windows, Install the updates from CD, then connect to the net, and you'll never get 'Blasted'.

first of all, you should disable the automatic restart when having a system error.
You`ll find it at the control panel -> system properties -> advanced -> and there the third category.

The system should now no longer restart, but it may show you an error message.

c ya

Sorry for my bad english.

hey thanks guys. it might be a blend of both your answers because ive installed all the updates and security updates wen i installed windows straight away, and we all know wot happens to windows when u dont. i read that website 'catweazle' gave me and it explained that it stops you from downloading updates for windows making its life on my computer alot longer - im downloading the patch as i type and hopefully that will help me, but if not ill have to look for this anoying little virus manually and get rid of it.

thanx for ya help