Hi all. An easy one hopefully. W2K Pro SP4 850, 20gig HD, 384 RAM. I reformatted about a month ago & things have been sweet. I went to black vipers site & did all the tweaks he recommends. Now I have a problem with the time it takes for the context menu to appear after right clicking on an app or on *My computer*. Sometimes it can take 30 seconds for it to appear. Once it has, the next time I want it, it is fine, but only for the same app. If I right click on a different app, it's just as slow as B4. Is there something that I have changed in services that affects this?
Also, I have noticed that after I first boot up, B4 I go online, if I right click an app I get a pop up saying I am working offline, retry?/cancel. This happens mostly when I right click on my *C* drive.
Thanx for your help.

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Any ideas anyone?

EDIT. Something I have just noticed. In the quick launch area, if I right click on *show desktop* it functions normally, but on the others, MS Word, Email app, browsers, I get duplicate entries.


Problem of duplicate may be solved. It only does this when selecting a shortcut, so I think it may causing it to behave as though there are actually TWO identical apps, rather than an app & a shortcut. Make sense?

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