So far not yet haven't comfirmed this fully I need everyone's help.

So far about 5 of my friends claim to have the same problem as me. This is totally cool because I know now it must be a windows update. Every since the windows update we all have this problem.

In the Control Panels
Go to Sounds
Then to Audio Tab
Sound Playback / Preferred Devices
Then to Advanced
Under Speakers
Speaker Setup / Select 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

Select 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers - It doesn't save the setting any more once you do a restart, it goes back to Stereo Headphones I haven't yet confirmed this on all 5 PC's yet on mine it doesn't keep the proper settings since the last windows update. Since this option gets selected you can't hear crap from your speakers. I find this very interesting sorry just got back from work and this is exciting. Talk to you guys later.

Yes it does. it doesnt save any speaker type.

1. Do you have a 5.1 surround soundcard? I have several systems here, and those which do not have a 5.1 surround soundcard installed can not have the speakers set to 5.1. All my systems are completely up to date with Windows Security updates.

2. Have you got your sound drivers installed correctly?

3. If you are using 'Windows Update' to obtain drivers for an OEM Creative soundcard, why? The drivers available from Microsoft for Creative cards have always been problemmatic, and have never provided full functionality for Creative cards. Use the reference drivers available from Creative instead. I would imagine the same principle holds for other manufacturers' products.

haha no this is a bug I noticed with the lastest windows updates if this is found by Microsoft we will call this the Jimmy Bug

Like I asked, Jimmy, what updates are you referring to?

I have all updates installed here on a range of Windows OS systems, and none of them exhibit the problem you report.

Which Windows? Which Update?

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