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A while ago my computer screwed up with some error which i dont remember, but it doesnt really have any relevance...anyway i used winternals to save some of the files before i re-formatted the harddrive and re-installed everything. I then copied these files i saved onto the computer...Most of the files worked fine, but however, some of the files that i copied back onto it are encrypted/compressed to save space...you know like when the filename goes green in windows explorer when you choose to encrypt the files to save space or compress them or whatever...well i have found out that it is these files that where compressed before the computer screwed up that will not work...so i was wondering if there is a way of decrypting or decompressing these files so they will function correctly again...i had a look on the internet a while ago trying to find out about this kind of thing, and i found that maybe the key for the compression or encyption is the windows username and/or password of which i still remember...Are the files unrestorable? or can they be restored to what they should be?....I kinda know that the algorithms and stuff microsoft use for encryption and compression wont really be publicy available but ive came across lots of things that have been done that i wouldnt expect anyone other than a microsoft employee to do...its worth a try right?...sorry about my lack of technical language in this explanation, but its late and im tired...anyway...thankyou for any help...greatly appreciated! ;)

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Try this, Restart and when your login screen comes up press cntr+alt+del twice to enter the old login screen, sign in under "Administrator" and your password if you have one. Once signed in add yourself to the recovery agent group through mmc.exe or users and groups.


I cant log onto the old OS because that is the 1 that screwed up and wouldnt even get to the login screen. That broken version is long gone now, im now on the fresh copy of XP with those files i managed to backup...What I need to know is how to decompress/decrypt these files that where originally compressed/encrypted on the old OS...I think what happened was, when recieving files on MSN Messenger they are stored in My Recieved Files, and after a while a dialog box came up asking me if i would like to compress new files to save disk space, and i clicked yes. Now when i recieved files the filename was shown in green because they where compressed. What i want to know is how I can reverse this compression process and decompress the files so they can be read correctly. Thanks...

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