Ive gotten a couple of trojans before, and i deleted them myself, and realized that most of them were located in the registry key 'CLSID' so one day i set permissions in regedit and denied everything to this class and now every time i log on, the system cant acess CLSID, and dosent get passed the 'LOGONUI' part of the startup, so i cant even access the system. So what i guess im wanting to know if it is possible to wdit any files manually to fix my reg, instead of using regedit.

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help!. I screwed up one day when i denied everything, inluding my system to the registry key 'CLSID' in red edit with the 'permissions' option, now when i try to start up my system doesnt get past the logonui part, because of the permissions crap i set. So does anyone know how to like manually edit the registry or something, cuz i cant even touch it anymore.


For a start you don't have to post the same topic 3-4 times to get it answered usually one is enough.

The simple solution would be to reinstall windows. The only way this would cause problems is if u have a pirate version of windows. but im sure your a decent person and payed for windows so you should have no problems with that.


the best solution to the problem is to always run a good antivirus program and to not visit risky web sites such as those porn sites.

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