Well first of all I dont know if Im even in the right place. So maybe someone can help me or redirect me somewhere else. I cant tell you much do to the fact that Im computer illiterate. When I start Winmx it will not connect. Ive used it often in the past now it just continues to say connecting.... with no response. I have windows XP on a compaq computer. Its my brothers PC and he himself had someone else install it for him, so I dont know how to get help without knowing the persons password or whatever else I might need. I have no idea of the info he used because I dont know him. Does anyone know of any simple reason why it would not connect that I may have over looked? thanx :o

umm this is the wrong forum to ask about p2p software daniweb doesnt allow it, and if you are trying to fix the computer there are no extra passwords or nething if there is only one account that you have acess to and has admin.