HELP, tried to install LIMEWIRE form the web on my dads machine running Windows 2000 Pro.

On installation it stopped, did this twice in same place (something about active x). But now when I reboot the machine its running MEGA slow, will not connect to internet and the hard drive sounds like its working overtime all the time.

My dad, bless the old lad threw his Win2000 disc away when the machine came out of warrenty about three years ago, so I have nothing to go on, not even a system restore in system tools, or any boot disks.

SO PLEASE HELP ME co its my fault for tring to download him Limewire...............

yea you could try some of the emergency boot disk things out there im not quite sure what to do other than look for viruses and spyware.

Try rebooting the computer into Safe Mode and choosing the "Last known good configuration" boot option. You get to the Safe Mode boot option menu by tapping the "F8 key" continuously right after the computer restarts.

I'd like to know what the activex warning was. Also, even though Limewire didn't take, the P2P networking might have been installed. If so, try uninstalling that.

The installation process window made reference to an ACTIVE X component being installed, thats all I can remember.
What seemed strange was when I had downloaded the LIMEWIRE.exe it needed to be connected to the internet to enable the installation. Now I cannot connect to the internet, and regarding LIMEWIRE being spy and AD free seems to be boolocks cos 888 toolbar and some other junk was found in the programs installed.