I have multiple profiles on one tablet PC. The problem is, I have to log in as each user to make changes like power settings. Is there a way I can set an option for global changes per setting? Even printer driver settings are per profile.

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Well, Printer driver, will only take affect for the one user, however things like dialup settings can be done 'for all users' as well as programs that support this. One suggestion is a lot of the windows settings can be done through group policy editor. gpedit.msc

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I'm running 11 tablets through a wireless access point that goes to a 100 meg line then fiber optics. I have 14 users that all have profiles on each tablet.

*correction* if you install a network printer as administrator it will be availible to all users.

The problem isn't printer access through the network. I wanted to know if there was an option to change settings globally instead of per user profile. I have to log in as each user to set the printer driver settings, the power options, desktop settings....It becomes cumbersome each time I make a small change.

Most of the settings that you want to change are contained in the user profile under Documents and Settings. All you need to do is log in as one user for example yourself and then make all the changes and tweeks that you wish to make to the desktop, power settings, whatever. Once you are satisfied that the profile is set log off and then log on as the local admin account. Be sure to go into the documents and settings folder and delete all other profiles from the system except for the one you just tweeked of course and then of course the default system profiles like administrator, all users, default users, etc. do not delete those just the other user profiles that are on the system. Now right click on your my computer icon and then goto properties. Click the Advanced tab, then click the user profile button. In the user profile window find the profile you tweeked and click on it to highlight it. Then click the copy to button. In the next window that appears look at the bottom of the window where it says Permitted to use click the change button. Now in the window that appears here type in the word everyone and click ok. Then you will be back at the previous window at the top click the browse button and browse to the Default user folder under the documents and settings folder.... NOTE: you must have your folder options set to view hidden items or you wont see the Default user folder. Once the profile is copied over to the default user profile you will come back to the window with the list of all the profiles and you are done. You can close out of everything but before logging off go into the documents and settings folder and now you can delete the profile you tweeked make this system profileless with the exception of the default system profiles. Now log off and log back on as anyone you want and volia most all of your settings should be set. There are a view settings that don't port over on profiles so depending on what settings you are changing they may or may not show up. However I know for a fact that power settings and desktop setting port over.

hope that helps I know it was kinda long winded but that is all the steps you have to do.