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What patch? Where does it hang?

The first thing you need to do is give us some details to go on. We'd love to help, but we can't read minds. :mrgreen:

- Post your system specifications.
- Post details of the problem, including the exact text of any errors/messages you get. Give us some history on the problem.
- Tell us exactly which patch you're refering to.


Mine started hanging @ shutdown when i installed my new Wireless adapter..... If i pull the adapter from the tower,it shuts down fine.... (Its gotta be an error with that program exiting when requested) .. It used to hang @ almost every shutdown but i got things corrected and for months things were fine.... Then i installed this new WIFI program (With adapter) and it hangs almost every time......

Ah well.........


win98 is known for not being always able to shut down correctly. just live with it, or upgrade to XP
it's a known bug ignored by MS

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