I am running windows XP service pack 1 on a Dell Dimension 8300 that is approx 1 year old. My kids downloaded a virus, W32.HLLW.Gaobot.gen; we downloaded the virus removal tool from Symantec and were able to remove the virus. But to run the removal tool we needed to turn off system restore and lost all restore points. Since that time the icon that let us know when we are connected to the internet (dial-up) does not appear.
We have run the trouble shooter and found nothing. I have found some thing that has told me that I should run system restore to correct this problem but I cannot remember where I got that message and cannot find it any more. We have also attempted to re-set up our internet connection, which works well for a short time. It will set up and connect in the "Network Connections" folder a dial-up section will appear and the icon will pop up in the tray. This will last until the Network connection folder is closed, then the icon will disappear as well as the dial-up section in network connections and also in the "connect to" in the start menu. We can still connect but have no way of knowing when we are connected or if there is activity. If I go to internet options in the control panel, all of the connections show up on the connections tab.
I have tried a few programs to bring it back Registry Mechanic, Search and recover, Spyremover, Adaware, Spycop and Spybot. I allways keep my virus scanner up to date (symantec's Norton Internet security) and have Windows set to auto-update.
Thanks for any help you can offer.

just so you know, yes the box "show icon in when connected" is checked