As some of you might already know, I'm a huge simulations fan ... SimCity, The Sims, The Sims 2, etc.

Well, I just bought a new computer a couple of days ago, and it's running Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. I installed The Sims 2 and all of the expanion packs. However, the game is locking up fairly frequently (creating a new town, creating a new family) and it takes the entire system down with it (ie Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work, etc)

Can anyone confirm whether they were able to get The Sims 2 to run properly on an x64 machine, so that at least I know whether it's just my computer or not?

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Something to add, although I'm not quite sure it makes a difference, is that I am running [EMAIL="Folding@Home"]Folding@Home[/EMAIL] in the background.

Something to add, although I'm not quite sure it makes a difference, is that I am running [EMAIL="Folding@Home"]Folding@Home[/EMAIL] in the background.

folding @ home normally won't have anything to do with a gaming freeze, or freezing in general. What are your exact specs (or what PC did you buy?) More specifically, what chipset is the motherboard you have running and what version/chipset drivers and PCIe GPU drivers are you running? (look in your device manager) It could be either an X64 driver issue, or an X64 driver incompatibility with Sims2, or if you have and X2 AMD you might need both and updated AMD X64 processor driver, and and the MS X64 X2 patch (if you have a dual core unit).

Hmm, have ya tried disabeling F@H before trying to play?

I have experiencecd problems with F@H with games, I must add...

Hmm, have ya tried disabeling F@H before trying to play?

I have experiencecd problems with F@H with games, I must add...

I an issue with 1 game out of 5 (not really freezing but momentary pausing). But running folding command line fixed it instead of GUI. I would hit up the sims 2 forum i'm sure there are a few users with similar specs that might have a similar issue. Also with my X2 unit i have to run with affinity for most games. Not sure what Dani has. Anyhow, good luck with the issue and i hope you get it resolved.

(not really freezing but momentary pausing)

Haha ya, that's what I've had too...then again, I'm only running a wimpy Dell laptop:sad:

Nothing like Dani's new Alienware...

I also had an issue with my DFI Extreme SLI motherboard and the much heralded X-Fi until there was a bios fix that adressed the PCI latency issues. It also caused a slight jerkiness in one game (BF2).

Alienware (now Dellienware) is pretty good they have very nice machines - just 25-30% overpriced, but the quality is definitely there at least. They also have excellent customer service. My better half also loves sims 2 She also likes Oblivion.

Perhaps Dani has already found the fix.

Well, here's what happened. After the Sims 2 completely froze on me, and everything was unresponsive, I was forced to hard reboot. Upon reentering Windows, things started appearing very flaky. I then found I had bad RAM. It got worse from there. After an unbelievably bad experience with customer support, my one week Alienware machine was sent back.

Bummer Dani. It does happen. However do give Velocity Micro a consideration - they are usually higher rated over Alienware and the owner/founder personally hangs out in he hardocp forums and very high-end users there swear by them and if there were to be any type of issue he will definitely handle it promptly and personally if need be right there in the forums. Hardocp also has some Velocity Mirco reviews as well as others if you would like to read up on them. The ABS M6 ABS also had an extremely good review there that you might be interested in reading. You could also built it yourself (if you feel comforatable) with that parts list i had in a previous thread they are all very good parts i picked the that list for just over $1000.00. If you wanted better video performance with Sims 2 you could substitute a 7900GT or X1800-1900XT for the nVIDA 7600GT, but the parts are mainstream and very reliable.

or... if you're into this type of thing (aka big money) these guys make alienware look cheap

Well - just what did you end up with Dani?

I can't seem to find the thread, but I think she gave up on the Alienware after a plethora of problems and instead bought a new Dell.

You're exactly right, 'Stein. I've had my new Dell since last Wednesday and I'm very happy with it. However, I am afraid to install The Sims 2 again.

Hope you got one with the new conroe as it doubles the performance of the P4D. Good luck with the new Dell!

The new conroe? I ended up with a dual core dual xeon 5100 series.

:cheesy: Dani. You need to read up on your hardware.

what dell did you get?

I got a dell 5150

19" TFT screen
Pentium 4 HT 3ghz
1gb RAM
Radeon x600 video
XP Pro

cost me £640 in mid/late 2005

Ive been very happy except it rattles bigtime
I also like how control/f11 will ghost your HDD back to factory settings

I got a Dell Precision Workstation 690. :)

are they the quite slim ones that can be a tower or a desktop?
we have them in collcge

Nope, mine is a full tower.

She has the new Intel Woodcrest processors :)
(Btw Dani: These are based on the Conroe chips)

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