Computer is slow to start up. I am running XP and all of the sudden when I first start it up it has the welcome screen for like 40 seconds before I get to my desktop. I ran AD-Aware and it dont haelp..Also ran AVG and Reg vac and cant seem to get it back to normal. If anyone has any other ideas I would appreciate it..... I also get wierd popups from time to time like one said osme thing lik......"Trogan horse virus located in C/system volume" or some thing of that nature...

Any help greatly appreciated...

Hi bones,

40 seconds doesn't really seem too extreme to me. It could be that you have lots of software installed, lots of software the have been installed and uninstalled, leaving a bit of mess in the registry, or any of a number of situations which relate to the way your system is configured. but very few systems boot up anywhere near instantaneously.

The messages you report make me suspect that you have a hardware 'Boot sector' antiVirus feature enabled, probably in BIOS setup. The reports may or may not indicate a problem. Generally, it's best to have such features disabled, and to use appropriate AntiVirus software instead.

Check the comments in this stickied topic:

for further information about protecting your system from intrusions.

I have zone alarm on my computer now and was thinking of getting Norton system works also. My only concern on the length of startup was that is seemed to have happened over night. It was starting up rather quickly and then it slowed down a noticable amount. What is your opinion on getting system works and how do I enable that "boot sector" thing. I ran a registry clean up program and that didnt seem to I need to do something else?
I appreciate your time

If your system is an older one, Norton System works might just slow it down even more.

If it's a problem which seemed to happen 'overnight', then work through the suggestion in the Security forum sticky to ensure your system is 'clean', and consider what you've done on your system immediately prior to the behaviour showing up. In almost all instances, system problems are the result of changes the user has made themselves - either changes to settings or the installion of new software etc.

But I wouldn't worry too much. As I said, 40 seconds isn't really much of a wait. Turn the thing on as you walk past to make a coffee!

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