My brother sends me .wmv and .mpe file attachments from his Mac computer that I am unable to open with my Windows Media Player 10.0. I get a message that says -

C00D1199: Cannot play the file
Windows Media Player cannot play the file. You might encounter this error message for one of the following reasons:

The file type is not supported by the Player. For a list of file types (formats) that are supported by Windows Media Player, see Supported file types.
The file type is supported by the Player, but the file was compressed by using a codec that is not supported by the Player.
The file type is supported, but you are trying to play it in a way that is not supported by the Player. For example, you might have tried to drag a DVD file with a .vob extension from a DVD to the Windows Media Player icon. Or you might have tried to open a .vob file by clicking Open on the File menu.
You are trying to play one part of a multipart file. Use a newsreader or other program to combine the files, and then try again.
Error ID = 0xC00D1199, Condition ID = 0x00000000

Do I need to install something on my end to convert or decode the files that his Mac messes up for me OR does he need to install something on his end?

This is a bit of an oldie, but here is what I have in mind:

You might want to explore the site locatedHERE and download the Windows Media Professional Codecs. Now 'WMV' files shouldn't have a problem by default, and neither should 'MPEG' files, but I've seen weirder.

Try out downloading those codecs and let me know if you need more help past that. :cheesy:

Thanks so much for trying to help me. I followed that link and it led me to what I like to call "windows help hell". I downloaded some kind of codec package, not the professional one you mentioned since I cannot find one with that name. Anyway, I still get error message cood1199.

Any more suggestions? And please be very specific!!

Try saving the attached media file to your hard drive and then open it from there instead of from the email.

Good point - hadn't considered that suggestion. Brain fart :o