I have a problem with my SBC Yahoo DSL browser. When I am using the browser and click under "file" and click "open a new window" a small narrow window opens on the right side of my screen, running from top to bottom of the screen, but only open about 25% in width. It will maximize when I click the maximize icon. If instead, I click on the icon in the lower right hand corner of my screen, a maximized window will open. When I use Windows explorer browser, I have no such problem. This problem has stumped the service dept at SBC DSL through two levels of their technical support. Any suggestions?

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More than likely it's some kind of user profiles setting.

You could try going into RegEdit, and looking around in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ hive and locating any Yahoo! or SBC folders. once you find them, delete them.

Trust me-- it's not going to hurt anything it's very important to not just monkey around in the registry, but if you've been told where to go, then you'll be OK. If all else fails, I'll bet creating a new user account and moving all of your files over to that account will put you in an environment where this issue doesn't happen.

I don't see any hive listed under software. When I looked in the software I didn't see any SBC items/ I did see Yahoo.


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