I've already typed this out once and stupidly lost it due to not logging in properly lol so please excuse me if I make this short..

I can't boot up my other computer.. It has worked perfectly before, yet since I moved house and transported my comp over here I have not been able to keep my comp alive.

The computer firstly halts at the 'Windows XP' loading screen but after a few restarts will allow me to get further and further into the system. Yet will not let me proceed in what I am doing for any more than 5minutes or so before totally locking up. Stopping all operations, display and music/sound.

I have strangely discovered that opening the game; 'Worms World Party' allows the computer to stay alive for as long as I have the program open, leading me to think it may be something to do with different display peripherals?

But I am also curious as to whether it may be a physical problem as it has only occured since I moved the comp from my last house.

Bios is still fully accessable, but as soon as the OS starts to load.. Poof!

The problem has deteriorated in the last week also.. Not even passing the 'Windows XP' loading screen.

Is there anything I can do?

Thanks :D

Here is what i would do ,First ,open the case and remove and reseat ,all pci addin cards if any ,the Video card if there is one ,Ram chips .the hardrive/cdrom ribbon cables both ends .
seen this befor when moving computer ,sometimes they get bumped or twisted out of shape ,anyway give it a try !,

also ,what do you mean by this [leading me to think it may be something to do with different display peripherals?] not sure what you mean ,do you mean its a different monitor