I am working out of Outlook 2003 on an Exchange Server 2003 system. One of my co workers is having problems reading some e-mails because of the font size of the lettering. He wants to have the option of changing the font size of an incoming e-mail from like 8 to 12 to make it easier to read. I have tried many things to see if I can get this to where he will have the option of doing this. But, I have had no luck in doing this. I would appreciate any help anyone can give on this problem. Thank you.

Did you try the following?
Go to the folder in question (you probably need to do this for each folder) > View > Arrange By > Custom > Other Settings > AutoPreview

Also, you can change the font size of the active message by holding down Ctrl and mofing the mouse's scroll wheel.

David, thanks a million for this post and reply. I held down the CTRL key and scrolled with my mouse wheel. My co worker tried it and he loves it. Made it alot easier to read in any type of font. Thanks again for your response.

I can press the control key and change the size of the fonts by wheeling the mouse when in an explorer window such as this, but it is totally inoperative in the reading pane or open email of Outlook.

What coul be the problem?

Thanks. E