This Happend To Me 3 On The Computer Just Surfing The Net W.e And Then All Of The Suden My Computer Turns Off...Happend To Me 3 Times :eek:

Is There A Way I Can Stop That ?

Have a look through some of the threads in our Security forum to see if you can find any helpful suggestions; there are some nasty viruses/trojans/malware programs out there which can cause this behaviour. The fact that you say that it happens when you're online makes me suspicious of this.

Does it only happen when you're surfing?

Yea Some Times....And Some Times When I Play The Game.....And My Computer When It Shuts DOwn Its Slower The It USed To Be :S

There could be other reasons for the shutdowns (including hardware faults), but you should probably make sure you're not infected with any malicious programs before doing anything else.

As I suggested before, read through the threads in the Security forum to learn where to get and how to use following detection/removal programs:

Ad Aware

Also get an up-to-date anti-virus program and do a full system scan with that.

Let us know what happens after that.

Ok...I did the ad ware thingy i got a thingy called Possible Browser Hijack attempt & Tracking Cookie...

You should run Ad Aware and SpyBot and CWShredder, making sure to reboot between running each program. Using just one of the programs doesn't usually catch everything.

Oh! If it sometimes goes slow and then shuts down you should really get it checked for heat problems first, mate. That's a classic sign of a processor which is getting too hot to function correctly.

Even if your fans are all working fine inside your case, it could be the 'thermal paste' between the processor and heatsink not bonding well and transferring heat inefficiently.

its doesnt go slow...but when it says windows shutting down on XP it takes longer then it used to..

Check your logs in Event Viewer (under Administrative Tools) for possible clues.

Did you add any new hardware or change drivers before having this problem? Sometimes conflicts will cause that behavior. Once I added a network card and everytime I would go online my PC would restart. Just a thought.

I might not be a hardware problem, because Windows is shutting down, not just a spontaneous reboot. Before it starts to shut down does it give you any kind of error? I would definitely check that your system is clean from malware.