Hello all,

Thanks for the welcome, and I hope I will be able to help someone someday also.

My friend called me to come and help her get her computer cd rom running again, which I tried all the disks she had for drivers, to no avail, so I swapped it out. Windows ME recognized it only when a disk was in it at start up, but it would run a disk anyway. ???

With that fixed, the drivers were installed and all was well, however,
the pci ethernet controller was not recognized, but it had been before the cd rom swap out. what gives is the mother board weak, or is windows me the problems?

I called the cable company about the drivers for their modem she has, but they said they couldn't help if windows didn't recognize the pci etherenet controller.

I couldn't get any drivers from Me so should I install xp or swap out the ethernet card?

Thanks. Her pc is a Micron Millenium

I don't know the serial or model numbers, but I will have those tomorrow and try to get on other pc to get drivers.

First of all what kind of Ethernet Controller is in the machine then perhaps we can help a little more.