I think I have a virus!!

Yesterday, my PC suddenly went up to 100% cpu and never came back down.

Then, today, random message boxes kept popping up on my screen (no apps open). One of them, for example, said "We Were Four Guys ... That's All[interview].wma" Then I got others talking about "four guys" and stuff like that.

Any clue what this could be from?
Norton AntiVirus didn't pick up anything, and I'm sure LiveUpdate is up 2 check.

if/when it happens again check the task manager for any "unknown" programs running under your username.. its possible its just a malicious form of spam.. seen it happen before.. but i would check that before screaming virus.. if its a virus.. its pretty funny.. :P

I went to the task manager ... 60 processes running with Windows XP - I think I knew what 3 of them were ??? (*if* that many!)

what were they.
i thought you were getting message's from messenger service. i got pop-up's that way. i turned off messenger service.

"We Were Four Guys ... That's All" - that's from the Beatles... you know, the band that sings "It's Been a Hard Days Night" (I love that song, but anyways....) It's a John Lennon interview. Maybe it's trying to stream from some server. Some stupid ad probably initiated it.

If you're worried that it might be a trojan/virus, try running adaware if you haven't already. Just in case you haven't:


I have a huge list of programs along with descriptions that run as processes in Windows. I have it at home. I'll post back later. It's very useful.

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