iam using win98 in my pc...suddenly an error comes when i started windows..it says "Insufficient memory" to initialize windows...remove lines from autoexec.bat and config.sys.....but i tried that all and this same problem comes again....i also changed my RAM but still this error comes....anyone help me pls

That can be related to the EMM386.EXE /highscan (in the config.sys).
By default, windows setup removes /highscan switch. Check if the /highscan switch reappeared in your config.sys.
Apparently windows don't like DOS memory controllers. On my machine with Windows 98, I have removed autoexec.bat and config.sys. They are not needed unless you plan to run MS-DOS based programs (games) that need those files, but that can be done in PIF shortcuts.

problem solved by re-installing windows....thanks for suggetion

problem solved by re-installing windows....thanks for suggestion