is it possible to get vista for free I have technet but not technet plus

Unfortunately not. There are no free versions of it.

theres always ways, like there are for XP
but theese are illegal and constitute software piracy as Vista is NOT free software, the onky time it was ever "free" was during the beta testing period but that was time limited and has since expired

using a downloaded OEM version and an old beta RC2 or RC1 key, vista ultimate will work for exactly one month. There is a workaround for it that extends this time period, but that would be in violation of the TOS

Any beta version for free?

no beacuse its not in beta anymore

even if you managed to get your hands on a beta it would only work for a month

And even then, it would be drastically slower then normal Vista.

Yes you can. You can buy a new computer now, but make sure it has the Windows Vista Upgrade program. I belive HP doese this

I have the RC2 iso.
I have 2 keys, one is in use, obviously.
I can install vista on 10 computers with endless upgrades.
All this till May 2007

I dont know what to do with my spare key..............:twisted:

I got it for free through MSDN-AA (through school), which is good, except I am not that impressed with it, which I am hoping that they fix some of these problems on M$'s next update.

I stumbled upon this site one day, Vista is "free" here, but it has to be illegal, or maybe this is just a spam site, I don't know, what do you guys think?'s looking warez-ish to me, but that's probably because of all the P2P references.

Regardless, I would say it's illegal.

Good find though. ;)

Can't understand why so many people want to rush into buying Vista - when half of them don't even have a computer that can run it properly. I suppose it's a case of 'gotta have it cos it's new'. The iso site listed above should prove exciting for some suckers! Hours of torrent downloading only to find it's a porn movie - hehe

They gave away 30,000 new copies of Vista. I wish I had known about it before all slots were filled. I doubt I would have installed it yet anyway though. I think I'll wait untill SP1 comes out before even thinking about leaving XP...

well, recently, a method was developed to be able to register an illegal copy of vista business by running a VMware version of a KMS server. Officially, I wouldn't recommend using this method, because it illegally and deliberately subverts the registration system. Unofficially, it works, but it's really dirty, I would wait until something else comes out. And would really recommend until after sp1 comes out anyway, because it's rumored that the workaround will be patched.