I would like to know how to password protect files under my profile with Win XP on another hard drive. Currently can only do it on the C drive where windows is installed.


i have also thought of doing this at work and at home as my computer at home has 4 hard drives, i havent found a way of doing it through windows xp yet, but i will try to search for a third party program, if i have any luck i'll let you know. but try searching yourself, you my have better luck then me

Depending on what types of files you are trying to protect you can just zip them and use a password for the zip.

You can even make them executeable with a password if you want.

If you have an ntfs partition then you can easily change its permissions to your favour.

didn't think of that i have NTFS set up whats the procedure?

Just Right click the folder you want to protect from other users ... go to properties and then security tab --> here you'll have a list of users and their capabilities (whether they can read , write or they have full read/write permissions) ..