Hi people,

Today I downloaded the Internet Explorer 6 Application Compatability VHD Image which was an EXE file from http://tinyurl.com/y64upm. I downloaded it with FreshDownload download manager.

When I try to open the file I get a Command Prompt window for a few seconds and then it closes. If I right click I get an error message saying:

Invalid size or check sum of file or unsupported compression format - Native error: 00008. File processing error, possibly disk is full.

Here's a screenshot: http://img80.imageshack.us/img80/1849/nativeerror00008kh8.jpg. If I click on Retry or Ignore I will be again shown the message. If I click on Abort the context menu will come up. This error has come up a bit recently with files using some sort of SFX CAB thing.

If I try to extract the 3 compressed file (VHD, TXT, RTF) with the Command Prompt with the -x command, it tells me I don't have enough memory (RAM, I'm guessing). With WinRAR it wil tell me the files are corrupt. However, they will extract but it's corrupt. WinZip won't open it and ZipGenius will think images are in it. I have Windows Xp Home Edition with Service Pack 2.

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