its a small problem but im pretty new to this. i dont seem to have a few sound drivers an i an unable to find them any place. its a new build asus p5nsli. the prob is with the onboard sound... there is non at all...with winXP Pro when i try to install a audio driver from the asus site it will go about half way an then will tell me that the driver will not support my hardware. the device mang. will not even give any audio options... idk whats goin on please help.. would say that you should double check your download and make sure that you were trying to download the right software. Another thing is that if you have a sound card in your might try to bypass the onboard sound card. So if you have the motherboard manual check to see if there is a download site for the exact sound driver. You could also try to audit your computer. i like belarc.....if you go to their site you can get a free download. it will tell you what sort of audio you could then try to download the file straight out of google....hope this helps

Hey man check your CMOS setup to see if onboard sound is enabled, if it is disabled enable it if it is enabled try to make sure that you are downloading the right driver.