hello. I have a very annoying problem with my OS. My computer freezes within minutes of turning on the computer. It usually happens whenever I attempt to web browse or install something. Within seconds after attempting to do anything, the computer locks up and I am forced to manually turn off the computer. I reset my CMOS, switched PSU (currently i have a 420 watt), ran memtest86 on my ram (no problems found), and reformatted my computer. I can not think of any possible solutions to this problem. Also, it cannot be an overheating issue... the comp freezes while the case is open or closed.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Computer Specs:
p4 2.53GHz (@FSB 533MHz)
512MB Corsair DDR-400 pc3200 RAM (model CX512-3200C2)
TurboMax 420 watt PSU (+3.3 +5 +12 @ 28A 40A 18A)
Viewsonic 19" CRT monitor
Sony 16X DVD-Rom
Plextor 40X CD-RW drive
Western Digital Hard Drives (80GB and 60GB)
Soundblaster Audigy Gamer
Radeon 9700 Pro
Mobo: MSI 648-Max (model: ms-6585 Ver. 1.0)

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Try repartitioning your HD before reloading the OS. Your system might be having a boot sector virus.

Are you using ,Winxp home or pro ,with SP1 ,Are you getting any error message !You may
have the Blaster 32 worm !

Doesn't that just crash the Remote Procedure Call Service, which triggers an automated shutdown because no other systerm service can run without it? Not a freeze.

Yeah ,I guess so ,1 track mind lately .and its early .

strangely, I just did repartition my comp. I thought this would solve the problem. But my computer actually froze up while reinstalling Windows XP Home! It took me multiple times to reformat without freezing. man, this problem is out of whack! Any other suggestions?

BTW, if i did have a boot sector virus, how do you remedy that? Also, is there a prog out there that can test for motherboard errors?

I had the same problem recently and it turned out to be the mobo. I had an MSI also.

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