After my computer finishes the memory test it shows ablue screen with the mesage:

ERROR 0x00000CE

Driver_unloded_without_cancelling_pending_operations Cdr4-2k.Sys

What is wrong and how can I fix it?

My system is Pentium 2 Windows 2000 Pro (RAM 320)

Thank you

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that's a file from Roxio, i believe?. Update/reinstall your burning software and I would suggest updating your optical drive drivers also, or at least uninstall the device and then reinstall it/them.


I checked for conflict devices and found that there are 2.The PCI Audio card I think and somethink else.I tried to use the recovery console from the Windows CD but I couldn't understand the commands.So I think I am going to format the Hard drive.


kljadi, i missed your last post..... sorry... it fell thru a gap. if you have not formatted yet just uninstall the drivers, and reinstall them[if they worked before] or do a driver rollback while you download updated drivers from the manufacturers. If you need help with using recovery console to do that just post again!!


as a quick guide, from recovery console type:
cmd <enter>
devmgmt.msc <enter>
and there you will have your device/driver management window again.

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