Hey guys, I am having this really annoying problem with my main desktop pc. The internet just wont work...It works fine on my laptop(wireless) but not on the PC plugged into d router. What I have tried already was deleting all the spyware and other nasties (was a lot), reinstalling Firefox, turning d router off and on :cheesy: ...

It does have some connectivity such as I can sucessfully ping google.ie for example and I could download and update definitions for Spybot and Adaware yet if I open a browser it simply does nothing...well apart from in IE it displays res://ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm#

Googled that error and cant seem to discover any information on my problem..Any ideas lon what to do next ads and lasses?? It is so bloody annoying!

Ha, great I just got a bsod. Gets better and better!

is it IE6 or IE7?

Sounds like a DNS problem, to test open up a dos prompt by typing
"cmd" into the run dialog

from the command prompt type "ping www.google.com" then record the IP adress given and go into IE and type the IP into the adress bar prefixed by http://. If it works this way then it is a DNS problem

Thanks for the reply jbennet, eh I had tried that when the router was working and got nothing. I have since reset the router(pinhole on back) because I could not access the router setup page(when you type the default gateway address into IE) unfortunately I still cannot do it. It just says the address is invalid. It's not the router because I can access the setup page with my laptop, just not the main PC.

Mcafee did catch a virus and a couple of trojans which are hopefully now gone. Could it be that they were or maybe something else still on the system are keeping the browsers from working correctly? Also, is their any other way to setup the router without using a browser to login..?

hmm thats wierd

run the windows networking wizard again and see

I'm having the same problem, with the exact same symptoms as the above with the ieframe.dll/dnserror.htm. I cannot access the internet from my main pc which is directly connected to the router. I do have access from my wireless/laptop. Help!

Hey vlh, I did manage to solve this but I had to reinstall XP....well had to bring it back to the way it came installed by Dell on my machine. I used the Dell PC Restore tool on that small partition on the HD.

I still suspect it was a virus or other natsy that was keeping my browsers from working. Perhaps a necessary component was uninstalled I dont know...

I could sucessfully reach the login page for the router when XP was restored..Had an awful lot of Windows Updates to install tho :(

you mean the control + f11 thing?

Yeah, Ctrl - F11 when you see the Dell screen after booting...

Funnily, that PC is now gone and I'm running a new machine with Vista Premium and having lots of other problems ha ha.. :)