Hi I'm a newbie here and hoping someone can help with a highly annoying problem.

Yesterday morning, internetexplorer was running perfectly.

Left the computer for about half an hour to go and do something. When I came back, no pages will load.

I still have an internet connection. Outlook express works, my ftp software works. Everything that needs an internet connection works.

However, I click to go into IE and my homepage, google, zaps up straight away and I can do a search on google with instant results. However, nothing else loads. I type an address in the bar and it won't come up. I click on a link from a google search and it won't come up. None of my favourites work.

It just looks as if it will open the page. The green bar comes up at the bottom but nothing happens. I left it loading for an hour yesterday and still the site would not open.

So far, the only site apart from Google that will open is http://www.visit4info.com

Does anyone have any ideas? I use boradband on a wireless network. The network feeds my comp and a laptop but my comp is the main 'base'. The laptop is having no problems. I am using a brand spanking new computer with Windows XP media centre etc. I have deleted all internet cookies etc., done virus checks, everything, but nothing works.

Please help!

Hi Frostbyte - I have just posted a similar problem to you (link below) so I suggest that you keep an eye to see if I get a reply and I'll do the same with your question.

If it helps in the short term, when this happens to me I close all progs down and restart and then it's fine again for a while.

Link to my forum post:


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