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Well I have to say that in the few days I have been playing with Vista I haven't come across any problems. All seems to work for me.

I have it dual booted with XP so I can play with it without relying on it and it may not be too long before I get rid of XP.

Some people say that Vista slows down games, well seeing as my 6600GT and Athlon XP2800 don't play the majority of the games released in the last 6-12 months at any decent frame rate anyway I don't care. I installed the games I play and cannot find any slow down - maybe a few frames/sec but nothing noticeable.

Time will tell, I may come back here in a months time for a right royal bitchfest or I may just let XP slip away quietly into the pile of CD's marked "Vintage"


about games, vista actually speeds up game performance. Some games i've tried run extremley fine with vista. people who make those comments are probably linux geeks


I will wait until service pack 1 is out there are to many problems
that Microsoft need to iron out ie fix:!::rolleyes:

I'm still running rc2 everyday since it was released and I have very few problems.
I would imagine the retail version would only be more stable, no?
The only "real" problems I have are no yahoo voice chat in rooms and a issue installing Vista on a single SATA drive.
Other than that and no ZA firewall yet, they're not really huge issues.

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