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Was running windows XP Pro, then downloaded a copy of IE7 where it would not need validated. When restart the message ' Normaliz.dll' not found, then nothing, it stops and does not proceed to load. Tried using last good configuration, and %systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe. Have installed XP again and now have 2 versions on PC, when go into document and settings all my original stuff is there (30GB). Try to get into it but cannot. Does anyne know of anyway to get at my original XP settings????


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Try creating a new account on the new install, with the exact same username/password as you used for the old install. Logged in with this account, you should be able to access the files.

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if that doesn't work I would suggest getting your data saved off that hard drive by any means necessary.. you may need to pull the drive and use another system to get it out.. then wipe the whole partition on the drive and start fresh.

sounds like you have a cluster &^$% there.

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