how can i change the transparency, opacity i think its called, in the windows XP start bar/menu???

cheers in advance

You mean SmartBarXP? Or in default of Windows because your going to need a theme/skin and/or a program to do that.

The best program to use would possibly be

Style XP

There are plenty of themes and skins available on its website, and I'm sure some of them would provide the feature you want.

Windows XP doesn't.

im using the longhorn transformation.

What Lohghorn transformation?

Do you mean a Windows XP 'Theme' or do you mean Windows Longhorn Beta?

Please be more explanatory. You don't need to keep comments brief in a Forum like you would in irc

LiteStep I am writing an article on it as we speak. LiteStep is a shell replacement it is not a theme or sound/screen saver theme it is a shell replacement just like in Linux. Your under a totally different environment. Still Windows but, not the same errors, not the same problems no restarts etc etc. Your replaceing explorer.exe to litestep.exe so explorer no longer is vaild and/or runs any more. Now let's say your having some major issues just restart the shell not your computer. Make sense? Also this is not Longhorn.

not a beta! it is simply a package that seems to modify everything there is on the PC!