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This is my first post to the forum. I'm not a noobie but not an expert either :) .

My problem is that after some problems with a video driver going bad and doing a reinstall of XP Home now my broadband (cable modem) internet connection seems to time out after a few minutes of inactivity. When you move the mouse a window pops up saying that the connection to the internet is no longer available, retry or work offline. When you hit retry all is well untill it times out again. This reminds me of the old dial up days when the connection would drop. I have a network connection through a router to acces the internet. This has been working fine for over two years until recently. I have looked over all the LAN settings and do not see anything that suggest a setting is wrong. I have the same problem with IE6 and Mozilla Firefox browzers. I have attempted to attach a file showing the window describing to problem.



Could you let us know some details about your system please? System manufacturer and model number? Motherboard make and model number? Modem make and model number?

I've come across a couple of 'budgetty' motherboards which are prone to problems like this when connecting an ADSL/Cable moden via onboard Ethernet. The systems using them were both fine with the initial Windows XP install, but following a full 'Security Update' of Windows XP neither would retain the internet connection. Motherboard driver updates or BIOS updates did not correct the problem, and rather than forgo the Windows Security updates I decided to disable and uninstall the onbard Ethernet, and install an Ethernet add-in card in its place.

That corrected the problem.

Your own problem, of course, may be something completely different. There's never any "One Final and Complete" answer to PC problems, after all!

I have a Dell Dimension 8200 P4 1.8 Ghz, 40GB, 256MB RAM, Nvidia Geforce, Lynxsis Ethernet Card. As I mentioned this problem just recently started agter some video driver problems and a reinstall of Win XP Home. All Win XP security updates were reinstalled.

Also, try a different network cable. I have a few that I am guessing are cheap because they always partially slip out of the network card, therefore causing the connection to go back and forth.

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