Hi, I hope this hasnt been answered because I couldnt find it using a search. I found other people who had problems using a single file but the fixes didnt work for me. Here is my problem. Just recently the "my documents" folder started breaking all of my media files (audio, video, pictures, and word documents) All of the files that have been there for a long time work. IE I can still play my music and look at pictures.

Here is where things go wrong, the second a file ENTERS my documents or any sub folder, it stops working. When I try and open media files WMP says it cant acess the file. When I try to move or delete it XP tells me that acess is denied and to make sure the file is not in use and the disk is not write protected. When I take one of the good files (those in my documents that still work because I havent moved them) I am able to move it out of the folder, but once back in they too are locked. Does this make sense to anyone? What can I do?

right click on My Documents click properties.make sure the target is something like this.

Root drive:\Documents and Settings\your name\My Documents

Go to the general tab make sure the attributes are read only.click advanced and make sure the archive and index is set to for fast searching.