Hi, Here's hoping someone can help. I have a custom built Athlon 1.1 Ghz PC with 264 Meg of RAM running WindowsXP Pro. I've added a few new drives to the extent that I only have 1 power cable left so can only use one CD/DVD Drive. I have two drives I can switch between (a CD-RW and a DVD). Both drives will Auto run and load software (i.e. games etc.) but neither drive will allow access to bog standard folders and files on CD. I've problems accessing with a Photo CD with 24 x 4.5 Mb JPEG files and a Photoshop CD that has Folders containing lessons on it. Does anyone know what might be the problem??
Thanks in advance. :?:

Can those CDs be read in a different PC? It might be the CDs themselves which are at fault. They may have been written with a session writing software package, and incorrectly 'closed'.

The Photo CD I can open on my Linux machine and the Photoshop CD comes with a book so I assume it's ok, not tried it elsewhere yet though

Can you access the folder and files from 'My Computer'? What error message do you get if not?

it's my computer I'm trying to open them with. I've Norton Anti-virus and it will scann the CDs and report the number of files on them but I can't open. I double click the icon and nothing, I try to search the CD and "No Results Found" I try and Explore the CD, still nothing. The Anti Virus scan was the only success I had.

I've even uploaded all the latest updates and patches from MS for XP just in case, still no luck

This is worth a try:

Right-click 'My Computer' and select 'Properties'

Choose Hardware -> Device Manager

Expand the entries for DVD/CD drives, right-click each in turn, and choose 'Uninstall'

Reboot your system, allowing Windows to redetect and reinstall them, and see if the problem persists.

Many thanks Catweazle. I thought I had tried that before but this time I deleted everything apart from hard drives (including my Epson 915 which for some reason shows up as a storeage device), rebooted and all is as good as gold. Thanks again.

And there was much rejoicing... :)

Marking as solved.