of the lists found in the add/remove programs which are the ones that actually need a purchase of a license?

Canon CS-P
CNET Inc. CatchUp v1.3
Generic Setup Alias
Java Runtime Environment v1.1
Lotus Notes v4.6x
Lotus Sametime 3.0
Macromedia Director Runtime
MS-Access 97
MS-Binder 97
MS-Exchange Client v4.0
MS-Office 97
MS-Outlook 97
MS-Outlook Express v5.50
MS-Photo Editor v3.0
MS-Powerpoint 97
MS-RegClean for Windows 95
MS-Windows 2000 (Pro)
MS-Windows Media Player v6.01.09
MS-Word 97
MS Front Page v3.02
WinZip Computing WinZip v8.0

and what exactly is Generic setup alias???? is that an actual program/application?

and also what do 'runtime' means or environment

Legit questions, yes- but definitely OT for the Security forum. ;)

Moving to the... um... where the devil does this fit?! Oh well- looks like mostly Win 95/98 stuff, so off we go...

The answer to your first question is something that you should be able to find as quickly as we could; as to the second:

A "runtime" environment basically refers to everything that is happening while a program/application is being executed (run). This is opposed to a "compile-time" environment, which refers to everything that is happening when a program is being compile from source code. Compiling from source is part of the process of the original creation of the program/application; it is the programming step that turns the bare program code (done in a programming language like C++) into a program which is executable (runable) by an end-user. A file with a .exe extention is an example of a compiled program.