I volunteered to empty 2 warehouses full of older PCs for the church. The PCs were donated by a school district. The church was planning on sending them to Peru, but things didn't work out for them.

For my efforts, I planned on taking 5 or 6 of the PCs and giving them to kids, grandkids, and/or friends, etc. Even though most of them only have Pentiums or Pentium -IIs, they will work for what they will use them for.

MY DELIMA: There are a few good PCs that boot-up and present me with a Logon and Password window. Some of them I could simply CANCEL and move on, but others are definitely requiring a PW.

MY QUESTION: Is there a quick and easy way to RESET or BYPASS the Logon Window For Win-98 and also for WIN-XP (two are loaded with XP)??

NOTE: I am not a Geek, but admire those that are. I need fairly simple instructions to get me through this problem.

My kids and grandkids will surely appreciate the help.

Thanks for your time and efforts.

Welcome to Daniweb,

First of all: You posted in the wrong section, this is the only forum on this community where problems won't be solved. I've asked to move your question to the Windows forum.

Then: If the previous owner of the computer wasn't a geek too, the XP-machines will still have a ' Administrator ' account. This account is automaticly created when installing windows. So if you type ' Administrator ' as username and leave the passwordfield blank, you might have a change. If this doesn't work you will have to reinstall windows.

Windows 98 will boot if you just press 'cancel' in the logonscreen.

Regards Niek