Does anyone have or know where I can find some idiotproof instructions on
setting up IIs websites to be viewed externally (over the internet).

The content is built using asp pages and sits on either SQL or Oracle
I am ok with setting the site and corresponding database up and can then view the instance using Localhost , the machine name or the internal IP address.

What I need to know is how to publish it or set it up so that people external to our network can view it over the internet.

The server only has one network card so I guess there will be an external and internal ip address. I was going to use www.whatismyip.com to establish the external address

I'm a bit stuck as my colleagues who would know this are not in the office and not due to be for some time.

Any help appreciated.

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yup.. we have the same problem :(

you need to get your router to forward all port 80 (web) requests to the server. You also need to open the required ports in both your software and hardware firewalls.

ok.. am using WAMP. My Computer is connected in a router(D-Link DI-604) which has a static IP address. How can i give people from the outside of my router access to my server?? and uhhmm i'm a newbie in configuring routers... :(

its a bad idea to open WAMP to the net. WAMP is for development only. Its not secure

:'(help me to publish my iis server over internet . Please send me a suitable solution of my problem . My email id is inderjeetsd@gmail.com.

Please help m e.

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