I sometimes get a lot of traffic from certain ip's that are clearly trying to break in/snoop. Is there a way in IIS to block access for certain ip's? (or ranges?). I can do this in my ftp server software (non IIS)...


Using IIS under Windows 2003, yes there is. Unfortunately, I cannot paste the screen print here.

Go into the IIS manager, and right click on your website. Look at the properties. Look at the Website Security tab. Click on the IP Address or Domain restrictions, where you can place IP Addresses to block.

Then again, you can also setup this functionality in most firewall software.


I have xp, guess I'll have to upgrade. Thanks for the info.

I've just written a easy to use app to do this.

It's free, open source, works on XP/2003/Vista, and 64-bit 32-bit. It also automatically downloads a high quality list of chinese addresses to block which account for a lot of attacks.


Feedback appreciated -

hey everyone !
question : can someone block acces on a forum without being registered ?
(with my IP or forum address)

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