When I am browsing I reach a certain limit where I have to do the following:

Under the IE General
Delete files (offline content too)
Delete Cookies

Under Programs
Reset Web Settings (without re-setting home page)

Restore Defaults ,, Apply,, OK,

Then Re-Boot

When I was using IE for my browser I could only look at 8 or 9 pages before having to do this, Now I use firefox and can browse a lot more but eventually I get no data , or site not found. WHat should I do, I imagine I have some kind of virus or cookie problem that affects IE. Should I re-download IE? THanks in advance to anyone who can help. Warren

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Post HijackThis Log http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3155.html in the Viruses Spyware and other nasties forum

Download it create a folder HJT in the root of C drive copy it there, run the program and click on 'Do a system scan and save a log file' now copy the entire contents of the log file and post it in Viruses Spyware and other nasties forum

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