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I was checking for beta drivers and I found this:


I am gonna buy a laptop with nvidia go 7900 gtx, but It doesnt have vista drivers. Do you think this beta drivers will work?

I'm running a desktop with the 7950 gt, and
I'm using the beta drivers (101.41) without any

Since it's not a DX10 capabable card, no. But it certainly works for all the games I play
(Battlefield 1942/2/2142).

DX10 only works on the 8800 gpu's. that just makes me angry becuase halo 2 for pc will require dx10, and unless you have that card, you won't be able to play it.

oh fuc* DX10....I dont have money for 8800...

Perhaps one of the new 8600 GTS, 8600 GT, or 8500GT (these are brand new) from Nvidia.
They're DX10, less expensive than the 8800 ones. I read a review somewhere (might
have been theinquirer.net) on them.