Hi, I am running Window's 98SE with all the latest updates, on an old pentium II 350. My computer stopped booting up, with the dos prompt, "Data error reading drive C. Abort, Retry, Fail?

I have booted from a startup floppy and run Scandisk, scandisk stop's at checking file structure and will go no further, I suspect it is a bad secter on the HDD. Is there any way of doing a surface scan without the rest of scandisc ???
any help woul be mos appreciated.
Bob Francis.

Did you spot the mistake??? "File Structure" should have read "Directory Structure", sorry.
Bob Francis

Try using the CHKDSK program instead; it only scans by default (it doesn't try to fix).

Thanks for the reply DMR, I ran CHKDSK and got "CHKDSK has NOT checked this drive for errors. You must use scandisk......I don't mind getting a new drive, but I spent hours networking this PC to a new one running XP, just did not want to starl all over.
Bob Francis.

Bummer- I had a feeling that would happen, but thought it might be worth a try.

Is there any way for you to get your hands on another disk check/fix utilitiy like Norton Utilities or the like? Something like that might be able to fix the problem(s).

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