Hie everybody,

My computer just shows a blue bank screen forever. This happened after installing windows xp professional sp2.

The CD I used is a DELL cd and my computer is a proline computer. could there be some crashes with hardware of the machine?

Help me out!


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Can you tell us the error code from the blue screen of death so that we can figure out what's creating trouble for you?


The screen is just blue and blank. I can't see anything on the screen. During reboot, I see nothing a part form a blank screen.

After sometime I try to bring up Task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL but nothing happens?

Boot your computer with the installation CD, go to recovery console and run this command:
chkdsk /f /r c:
[where c: is your windows drive.]

If there are errors in your windows system files, most probably this will replace the corrupted ones with the fresh ones.


May be let me explain how the problem started. By the way, I tried booting from the
installation cd but the problem is that I do not see the screen. When I press a combination of keys on the keyboard its like they don't have any effect.

Initially it could boot normally and after some time it reboots itself.

At other times it could fail to boot properly untill you boot it in safe mode where it changes the screen background color. It again restarts itself after some minutes.

During booting process it used to show failure on PCI card.

The problem kept on until I decided to re-install the operating system.To do the re-installation I used a windows xp prof sp2 DELL recovery cd after which things seem to work fine.

All of a sudden it rebooted itself like before. This time the screen could not show up. Each time I reboot it the screen just becomes blank with no message whatsoever.

Can somebody help please?

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