Hi, Im Am Relly Confused With This Orror Message Every Thing Else Is Fine With My Wmp 10 Excepth It Freezes Quite A Lot And Also When I Try To Burn Music On To A Cd I Get Error Message (c00d11cd)plzzzzz Help :!:

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Codec Issue.
Have you recently installed any other video or burning software?

Unistall the others... then uninstall media player..

Reinstall the others.. re install media player... so that it uses the default codecs it wants.

Sounds like another program overwrote something


well i havent installed any other video or burning softwear except wmp 10 itself from an update i was first using media player 9 which i had no problems with well im trying to uninstall media plyer 10 and wanting to get windows media player 9 can u plz help
thank u 4 helping me with the error message but its not workin


i jus tried to uninstall wmp 10 but when i right clik and the options apear there is so uninstall option only delete when i delete wmp10 and try to down load 9 it say u have already uploadeda newer version so it dont work plzzzzz help


Techmaster... I don't mean to be rude or anything but what is that garbage link there?

Its just aton of error messages that is quite frankly already answered right on Microsoft's site.

If I was a betting man I would guess that was a link to advertise that forum... but hopefully I would loose that bet hehe

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