i have completely locked my self out my pc
all the files r not shareable so i can't copy the files from the hard drive.
all i can think of is removing the password file maually. does anyone now a direct link that will tell me where the password fale is???
e.g C:/ blablabla...
i've tried all these programs that r supposed to remove the passwords like the floppy ones, and they don't work. my administartor has a password on it so i can't get in through safemode. i really need these files off the hard drive. where is the windows password file so i can get rid of the pass?
does any one know how to solve my prob???

k i'll check it out


Burn yourself a copy of the Ultimate Boot CD. Boot your system using that disk and use the Offline NT pw & reg-editor program on the disk to reset the Administrator password.

I've used this tool myself, so I know that it works. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly to avoid potential mistakes.