Hi, I know this has been addressed but I am unable to fix the prob. with the soln's I have read (I hope I read them all...)

I have an Acer Aspire 3002wlmi laptop.. kept locking up the other day... couldn't shut it down or do anything, thought it must have been the HD, had it checked, others couldn't get it recognized on their systems - replaced HD and reinstalled from System Restore disk without any hassles.

CPU is still up around 70% with no apps being run. When I open an application and try to do any work it locks up. Even with no apps running I can't shut it down and the mouse pad and keyboard do not work (USB mouse & keyboard work when plugged in before booting up).

CPU is being used by System Idle & System. Running Process Explorer shows a process called DPCs - taking up to 50% of CPU... I am unable to kill this process & all the processes under System are Microsoft bar one from Acer. Kiling agl.exe didn't fix the problem either.....

Does anyone have any ideas please????


What is ur frequency of ur processor?
(e.g. 2.4GHz)

To find this out ~ a label on the front of ur machine or in the control panel under 'system'

Specs list - AMD Mobile Sempron processor 2800+ (1.6GHz, 256KB L2 cache, 1.6GHz HT bus) Enhanced Virus Protection Chipset: SiSM760GX.....


1.6GHz does seem rather low.......

I'm not a computer genius but a similar situation happened to me a while back. Do Control, Alt, Del.....
Go to Processes tab
Check memory usage column to see if any program keeps increasing memory usage. The number (memory usage) will keep growing bigger.
If that happens, try deleting that file. If it jumps to another part of the processes list and starts using memory again, then you have a virus and/or spyware.
I used Webroot Spyware to cure mine, but read some other threads on DaniWeb for very good suggestions for virus/spyware software from people who know a lot more about such things.
Hope this helps!