Recently I bought a new 640m laptop with Vista. Trying to install XP pro, but getting error, a blue screen with some information like system will shutdown... video driver is not...
But I was able to Install another xp pro CD (from my friend) without any errors. Problem is I cannot register this install with microsoft to get the updates and it is not letting me to install with my own XP pro cd (genuine).
Any thoughts & ideas will be appreciated.
Currently I dont have the error screen shot with me, but I can provide it soonly.


1)whats teh OX code you get?
2) you cant install genuine XP on it?
3) but can install and installed pirate copy?
4) do you know that you may loose your laps warranty

  1. OX code means?
  2. Yes, I can't install genuine xp on it. I browsed and got some info regarding this issue and found that XP with sp2 can be installed in the latest laptops. Currently working on that.
  3. Yes, I was able to install.
  4. I didn't know that, Thanks for the info.